Dating Advice & Tips For Men

i1datingadvice.com offers you great dating advice and useful tips for meeting and attracting the woman you desire. We know that meeting and dealing with women can be scary and nerve-wrecking. Many men agonize over what to say and what to do. Approaching women and the fear of rejection are some of the concerns that many men struggle with. If you need a solution on how to deal with this or a specific relationship issue, below are a collection of interesting articles specially written for men. We trust that you will find these articles useful for your particular situation.

Article #M1 - How to Meet Women

Rick Freedom offers dating advice on how to meet women and get better results.


Article #M2 - The Best Pickup Lines

We all know the importance of making a good first impression. This is why, when we approach an attractive woman, we want the first words to come out of mouths to be witty, imaginative and appealing.


Article #M3 - How to Attact Women Easily

When it comes to attracting women, presentation is everything. But if you are unlikely to be mistaken for a movie star, do not worry – it is not your that looks are not important here; it is how you carry yourself that is.


Article #M4 - How to Talk to Women & Interesting Dating Conversation Topics

If you get tongue tied around attractive women you are not alone. Making small talk with someone you are interested in can be an intimidating experience, and this is doubly true for first dates. 


Article #M5 - How to Seduce a Woman

It takes more than a witty pick-up line and a brilliant smile to seduce a woman. If you want to get lucky with a girl you have to know how to play the game. 


Article #M6 - How to Ask Her Out in 5 Simple Steps

It seems so simple. You see a girl who catches your eye, so you ask her out. But truthfully, pursuing the woman of your dreams is easier said than done. What you should say or do is often overshadowed by the fear of rejection, leaving most men frozen in their tracks.


Article #M7 - How do You Get Her to Jump into Bed With You?

The night has come to an end, and you both had an amazing date. The conversation flowed, and the two of you seem to have a lot in common. But how do you keep the magic going from this point on? How do you get her to jump into bed with you? Read on to learn more.


Article #M8 - What Do Women Really Want From Men?

Ask any woman what she looks for in a guy, and you will get something to the tune of this: “He has to be hard-working and sweet, with a good sense of humor.” And while this sounds nice, the truth is that even she cannot pinpoint what she finds attractive in the opposite sex, which begs to ask…what do women really want?


Article #M9 - How Soon Should I Start Having Sex With Her?

So, you’ve met the girl of your dreams. She’s pretty, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor. What’s even better is that she’s really into you! Now only one question remains: how soon to start having sex?