Dating Advice & Tips For Women

Most of the literature on dating is predominantly catered for men only. We recognize the fact that women too have their fair share of relationship issues with men, so we have not forgotten about you.

Many women who are still single always think that the good guys out there are either already taken, married or gay. They also always end up with the wrong type of guy. If you are wondering how you can meet and attract the right kind of guy and you need some good advice, you are at the right place.

Understanding men can be difficult for some women. Why doesn't he call? Is he interested in me? How do I get him to ask me out? If these are some of the questions that are on your mind, sift through the refreshing articles below to help you understand men better.

Article #W1 - How to Attract Men

Most women have been told that if they want to attract men, they have to be themselves. Few women actually believe it. After all, men don't want short, flat brunettes, do they? They want skinny, pneumatic blondes with no brain cells. Right?


Article #W2 - Dating Older Men

If you are tired of unreliable, immature guys, dating older men can seem like the ideal solution. Older men are often more capable, more confident and more considerate than dates your own age – and they know how to treat a woman right.


Article #W3 - Is Online Dating Safe for Women?

Online dating has grown in popularity over the years as the internet becomes a way of life for many. With online dating becoming more mainstream and accepted, some women are still doubtful whether it is a safe way to make friends.


Article #W4 - The Way to a Man's Heart

While most men appreciate a great meal, the fact is that the way to a man’s heart is much more involved.


Article #W5 - What do Men Really Want From Women?

So many women place great emphasis on appearances or sex when trying to keep their mates interested. But is this really what men want? Find out the 3 things that men really want from women in a long term relationship.