Do Long Distance Relationships Work?
If you are struggling with a long distance relationship, these pointers below will help you


By Rick Freedom

If you're entering into a long distance relationship, you're not alone. In these days of global economy, getting our dream job often mean moving to a new city or a foreign country, and with the ever increasing popularity of internet dating, more and more of us are falling for people from afar.

But, with long distance relationships being notorious for their difficulties, how do you go about keeping the spark alive when you're hundreds of miles apart?

Honest Preparations

Start by establishing that this is definitely what you want to do. Are you serious enough about this person to deal with the ups and downs of long distance dating, or does moving out of state seem like an easy way of shifting them out of your life?

If you're ready to go ahead, it's time to have a serious discussion with your other half. A long distance relationship can put all sorts of stresses and strains on your partnership, so prepare yourselves by talking potential problems through.


It has never been easier to stay in touch, so make the most of all the options available to you. Speak on the phone, send soppy, unexpected emails and write letters to keep yourselves connected.

With your partner miles away, your friends have never been more important, so make sure that neither of you neglects your social life in favor of making phone calls. Instead, accept that you won't be able to talk every single evening, then decide how often you do need to hear one another's voice.

Agree that you will both make the effort to stay in touch. If one of you seems to be making all the phone calls, resentment is likely to build.


For some, living in different cities implies a certain amount of sexual freedom; for others, no amount of distance justifies playing away. Don't simply assume you feel the same way about fidelity - check.

When living so far apart, trust is absolutely vital. When you're less able to see what your partner is doing, you may find yourself imagining the worst. Minimize doubts by becoming extra reliable - always call when you say you will, and always let them know if they're not going to be able to contact you at the usual times.

Keep the frisson alive between you by sending suggestive text messages and trying your hand at phone sex.


When you see so little of each other, those weekends when you can be together take on enormous significance. But do accept that not every meeting will be magical. There will be times when one of you is tired, stressed or ill, or when you've simply built your expectations up to an unattainable level. Prepare for this before you part and you will be better able to accept it and discuss it when it happens.

If you find that every meeting ends with an argument, ask yourself whether this is your (or their) way of making parting less painful.

Make it Work

A long distance relationship is rarely easy, but if you truly love each other, it can be worth the effort. Be open and honest with one another, prepare for the tough times and celebrate the good. Focus on that date in the not too distant future when you will be together again, and appreciate the love that you have built thus far.


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