How Do You Get Her to Jump Into Bed with You?
Find out how you can dramatically increase your chances of getting laid


By Rick Freedom

The night has come to an end, and you both had an amazing date. The conversation flowed, and the two of you seem to have a lot in common. But how do you keep the magic going from this point on? How do you get her to jump into bed with you? Read on to learn more.

Get Her Alone

The first step in the art of seduction is to create an environment where the two of you can be alone, and it’s easier than you think. While on your date, keep your ears peeled to what she’s saying, as she may unknowingly give you ammunition to invite yourself in for “a few minutes” later. Topics such as movies she owns or music she likes can be great for getting your foot in the door, and much more.

For example, if she tells you she has all four seasons of a certain television show on DVD, indicate your interest in the show as well. When the time comes to drop her off, ask if you can come inside and take a look at her collection. To ease any potential fears she may have, soften your approach by adding that you have to get up early, so you can’t stay long.

Keep Her Talking

Now that the two of you are alone, the next step in seducing her is to keep her talking. If you give her a chance to focus on something other than you, she’s more than likely going to focus on bailing out. Increase her comfort level by discussing things in your immediate environment. If you’re at her place, compliment her sense of style. If she’s at your place, show her your vintage record collection, or anything else that you can talk about with ease.

Speaking of your place, do not bring a woman home to a pigsty. While your place doesn’t have to be as clean as a museum, the dishes should be done, the bed should be made, and the garbage should be where it belongs…in the garbage can. Besides cleanliness, make sure you have something interesting to use for conversation with any woman you bring home. Coffee-table books, artwork, or interesting collections are just a few ideas.

Assume the Position

Once you find yourself seated next to her on the couch, it’s time to assume the traditional “make out” position. For those less familiar with this technique, it’s really quite simple. Turn on the tube, and sit side-by-side with your arm around her, resting on the couch pillows. Stay calm, and don’t make any rash or sudden movements too soon. Always remember that women take longer to heat up than men do.

After five minutes or so, gently trace your fingertips along her shoulder, and take them back. It’s important to not overdo this, as it will arouse her momentarily, but leave her want more once your hand is removed. In a few more minutes, touch her shoulder again, only a bit firmer. At this point, wait to see how she responds. You should have no trouble determining whether or not she’s feeling you.

If she fails to respond with snuggling or some other positive indicator, don’t get frustrated. Just take your arm back, while still keeping it around her resting on the couch cushions. Relax, and try again later. When she is on board, move on to the other erogenous zones of the body, such as:

1. Her Hair.
2. Her scalp.
3. The inside of her elbows.
4. The skin between her fingers.
5. Her ears.
6. Her shoulders.
7. Her feet.
8. Her toes.

When you feel the time is right, move in for a kiss, but make sure to let her take the lead. Refrain from pressing too hard, and do not stick your tongue in her mouth unless she does so first. The kiss is the center of good foreplay, and if you mess it up, you’ve blown any chance of going to bed with her. Move along with her lips, not the other way around.

Heat Things Up

You’re in the middle of a good make-out session, which means you’re halfway to the bedroom! But the question still remains: how do you get her to jump into bed with you? At this point, the concept of patience becomes most important. The slightest indication of persistence, and she will bail out on any possibility of moving things forward with you. So while you may be extremely excited at your good fortune, keep your emotions under control.

Once you feel you’ve gotten her aroused, start by unbuttoning only some of her top. After no more than two buttons, stop, and go back to kissing her. This will keep her wondering what’s coming next, leaving her wanting more. After a few more minutes of kissing, undo some more of her shirt, and gently place your hands along her shoulders, neckline, and stomach. Refer to the above list of various erogenous zones if you need a reminder.

Handle Her Rejection - Properly

At some point in the encounter, you may come across her initial resistance to go all the way. Don’t be surprised to hear comments such as “We’re moving too fast” or “I probably shouldn’t do this.” If and when she does utter these phrases, don’t make the mistake so many guys make by getting upset. Instead, throw her off guard by agreeing with her. “You’re right; we are moving too fast” or “We probably shouldn’t do this” are just a couple of ways to respond to her fears.

By verbally agreeing with her, you’re actually disarming her and gradually breaking down her barriers. Once you’ve done so, go back to kissing and stroking her, and taking things slower in general. Resort back to your original methods of seduction with the full intention of escalating the interaction all over again. However, be aware that there’s a big difference between token resistance and real resistance. If she’s literally fighting off your advances, stop. Forcing a woman to have sex with you is a felony, also known as rape.

But if do make it to the bedroom, be sure to wear a condom. Pregnancy is not the only concern of today’s healthy, sexual male. There are a variety of Sexually Transmitted Diseases to be concerned about as well, so you can never be too careful. And whatever you do, just remember to stay relaxed and patient. Give her the lead in foreplay, and the rest will take care of itself.


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