How to Ask Someone Out
If you have difficulty asking someone out and need some tips, this article is for you!


By Rick Freedom

They say it's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't. If you're eager to ask someone out, this couldn't be more true.

If you've been attracted to someone for a while now you have two options. You can avoid doing anything productive about it, continue to admire them from afar for months or even years to come, and spend the rest of your life wondering what might have been. Or you can take a chance and ask them on a date.

Very few people actually enjoy asking somebody out. Fear of rejection makes most of us feel sick to our stomachs, but follow the guidelines before and you can maximize your chances of having your crush say, “Yes!”

What are your Chances?

Before you go rushing off to pop the date question, ask yourself whether or not they're available. If they have repeatedly mentioned their partner to you, they are letting you know that they're taken.

Assuming your crush is single, there are subtle signs you can look out for to let you know if they're interested. The cashier in the coffee shop who always smiles and says hello might just be doing his or her job, but somebody who makes a point of asking about your life and sharing details of their own is trying to form a bond. In shyer types, blushing, fumbling and avoiding eye contact are good signs, while extroverts will try to grab your attention by talking loudly and playing the fool.

When to Ask

When you decide to ask someone out, bear in mind that they are likely to be less responsive if they're feeling under pressure. If somebody's stressed they won't be feeling sociable, so avoid asking them when they're obviously very busy.

Having an audience will make both of you uncomfortable, so wait until you're alone together. Unless you've only ever met online, ask them face to face. This will make you appear braver and more appealing and also means you can see the delighted smile that lights up their face.

Be Prepared

You're not a teenager any more, so you can't simply ask if they'll go out with you. Decide in advance where you're inviting them and what you're suggesting you do.

Traditionally, most dates follow the dinner and a movie routine, but offering something a little different is likely to grab their attention. Women may enjoy the romance of ice skating or a walk in the forest, while men love the chance to show off at bowling or to go to a ball game.

Remember that many people will be surprised to find that you've noticed them. Prepare a few compliments about their smile and their personality in case they ask why you're interested.

The Magic Words

If asking someone on a date makes you nervous, keep your phrasing casual. Asking if they fancy getting a drink sometime or telling them you have a spare theater ticket keeps your intentions ambiguous; in the unlikely event that they turn you down; you can always say you were inviting them out as a friend.

Unless your invitation is for a specific event, keep the time and place flexible. Allow them to fit the date around their prior engagements by suggesting you meet “at the weekend” instead of “Saturday night”.

It's always going to be scary when you ask someone out, but with a little forward planning and a bit of creative thinking you really can increase your dating appeal. Asking the question may make you queasy, but all it takes is a matter of moments - and every excruciating second will be worth it if it leads to a future of happiness.


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