How to Attract Men
Discover useful and practical tips on how to attract men


By Rick Freedom

Most women have been told that if they want to attract men, they have to be themselves. Few women actually believe it. After all, men don't want short, flat brunettes, do they? They want skinny, pneumatic blondes with no brain cells. Right?


The truth is that men's tastes are as varied as the women they meet. With a little bit of confidence in herself, there's no reason why any woman shouldn't find Mr Right.

Dress Yourself

Forget about fashion. The latest looks have been designed with size zero supermodels in mind. Figure out which styles suit your body shape and which colors complement your complexion, then wear them. Big girls suit bold patterns and wrap-around tops; petites suit block colors and fine fabrics - and, whatever your size, cramming yourself into a too-tight pair of pants which only make you look wobblier.

Find your best points and accentuate them. Do you have long legs, a great chest or a really pretty smile? Show them off! Celebrating your prettiest parts will make you feel feminine and immeasurably more attractive.

Don't be afraid to be yourself. If every woman looked the same, how would men know which ones to talk to? An unusual accent or beautiful, bouncing curls are more likely to grab a man's attention than a manicure.

Stand Tall

If you want to attract men, learn the art of inviting body language. Don't cross your arms or fidget, but do stroke your lips or fiddle with your hair now and then - men associate these movements with sexual attraction.

Move out of the darkened corners. Standing in the center of the room makes you appear more inviting, and placing yourself at the corner of a bar means he's more likely to notice you.

Try to go out in groups of three. Big crowds of women can be intimidating to men, but having two friends with you means you don't need to feel guilty about ignoring them when you meet your dream guy.

If you spot an attractive man across the room, let him catch you glancing at him, then quickly look away. Next time he meets your eye, hold his gaze and smile at him. Letting him know that you're looking is the quickest and simplest way of grabbing his attention.


It may look sexy in the movies, but in real life the cynical, mysterious approach makes you appear unwelcoming. Smile and maintain a friendly, positive attitude.

When he speaks to you, listen to what he's saying and ask genuine questions. When telling him about your own life, don't put yourself down - instead, keep your comments upbeat, honest and optimistic. Snide remarks about other women only reflect badly on you, so keep them to yourself for now!

Desperation is an instant turn off, so make it clear there's more to your life than meeting Mr Right. Tell him about your hobbies and ambitions, and show a real interest when he tells you about his own.

Never talk about marriage, babies or your past relationships, and don't make the mistake of thinking that talking about sex makes you look sexy. Be flirty, but keep it classy if you want him to take you seriously.

Let Him Fall for the Real You

Men are not as shallow as women like to believe they are. Not every guy is looking for a busty blonde. Most men would rather meet a happy, confident woman whose style and lifestyle comfortably complement his own.

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