How to Keep Your Date Interested in You
Find out what it takes to keep the fire sizzling


By Rick Freedom

So you’ve found that special someone? That’s great! By now, you know whether or not you two have clicked, and you’re probably looking for ways to evolve the relationship.

You’ve come to the right place.

So many people throw in the towel too easily when it comes to romance, but they fail to recognize one very real truth…developing a relationship involves time and effort. If you want to keep your date interested in you, you must be conscious of your efforts. Continue reading to learn several ways to make or break a relationship.

Be Mysterious

It’s tempting to contact your date the very next day, but restrain yourself. Games are no fun to play, but they were invented for a reason. While you don’t want to take too long to call that certain someone, see to it that you wait at least one day before doing so. If they call you instead, let the voice mail pick up, and return their message the next day. Absence only makes the heart grow fonder.

Don’t Text

If you’re trying to develop a romantic relationship with someone, then save the text messages for your buddies. Setting up a future date involves a personal touch, and only a phone call is suitable for doing so. Text messages indirectly tell the other person that you don’t have the time or care to be intimate with them.

Get a Life

Just because you’re seeing someone new does not mean you have to put your life on hold. Hobbies, projects, and other personal interests should continue, especially if your aim is to impress your date. Not only will you lead a fuller life, but you’ll have plenty to talk about the next time you two are together.

Use the Element of Surprise

This technique only works after you two have been seeing each other for at least one month. Surprise him or her with the works. Anything from dinner at a fancy restaurant to a romantic boat ride will do. Your aim in this game is to show them how special they are to you, and by pulling out all the stops, you’ll be sure to stand out in their mind.

Hold Off on Sex

This tip works for both men and women. While it’s tempting to have sex early in the relationship, try your hardest to abstain. By rushing into sex, you’re actually ruining your chances of having a lasting relationship. In a sense, you’re leaving nothing to the imagination, and any chance of looking forward to intimacy is ruined. Take the time to really get to know one another, and you’ll appreciate sex even more when the time finally comes.

Don’t Move Too Fast

Sex isn’t the only area in a new relationship that should be approached slowly. When seeing someone for the first time, don’t rush to introduce them to your family and friends. Wait about one month before introducing them to every aspect of your life, as you risk scaring them off by moving too fast. This tip is especially true when it comes to meeting the family.


Anything worth having is worth waiting for. By taking your time and appreciating the experience of romance, you’ll increase your chances of keeping your date interested in you. Planning combined with patience is the secret to great love, so just enjoy the ride! If you do, you will provide the foundation that makes for a lasting relationship.


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