How to Meet Women
Rick Freedom offers dating advice on how to meet women and get better results.


By Rick Freedom

If you are single and you want to find out how to meet women, here is some dating advice that will be of interest to you. It may not feel like it at the moment, but the world is full of single women and they're searching for a man just like you. Whether you are at work, at the supermarket or walking down your own street, you are surrounded by attractive ladies who would love to get your attention.

So, why do you never seem to meet them?

For many of us, we are our own worst dating enemies. Our comfortable routines prevent us from meeting anyone new and our fear of failure stops us from taking any chances. Tackle these two issues and you can open yourself up to endless new opportunities.

New Places = New Faces

When was the last time you went somewhere unfamiliar? It's all too easy to fall into social habits, meeting your friends at the same time and same place you always do. But if that time and place never lead to you meeting any new women, shake up the routine and go somewhere different.

Think about the sort of women you might like to meet and where they would spend their time. By visiting the sorts of bars they would enjoy, joining local clubs they may be members of or taking up an evening class in something which could interest them you will ensure that you are perfectly placed to meet somebody new.

Get Up to Date

If you've never tried online dating, ask yourself what's stopping you. Internet dating is now one of the most popular and effective ways of meeting potential partners. Websites can put you in touch with many more women than you could ever meet in day to day life and you have the added benefit of knowing that all of them are single and available.

Internet dating has long since lost its stigma. If you are serious about wanting to meet women, there's no quicker or simpler way of getting yourself back in the game.

If you're the kind of guy who gets tongue tied around gorgeous girls, an evening of speed dating may not sound like your idea of fun, but give it a try. You may not meet that special someone the first time you sign up, but will certainly gain greater confidence in your ability to make conversation.

Invite Meddling

Don't be afraid to let people know you're available. Women love to match make; if the girls at your workplace find out that you're single they'll soon be competing to set you up with their friends. Making it known that you're looking for dates doesn't have to be dramatic. If you're not comfortable discussing your personal life with everyone, make a joke out of how few single women you seem to meet.

Accept all invitations. Parties and informal dinners are ideal places to meet women and there's no better recommendation than having a mutual friend eagerly introduce you. Blind dates may be more intimidating, but if you don't try you won't succeed. Take a chance and you may find yourself sharing dinner with the woman of your dreams.

Take Chances

When we're lonely or unhappy it's all too easy to believe that life will always be this way. In fact, the world is full of possibilities. You just have to learn to look for them.

If your daily life isn't bringing you dates, it's time to make some changes. Take a chance. Try something new. Be friendly and open with everyone, single or settled, because you just never know who has your ideal woman's name in their address book.


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