How to Start a Conversation with Someone You Like Naturally
For those of you who feel tongue-tied whenever you are with someone you like, here are some tips that will help you loosen up & start a conversation naturally


By Rick Freedom

Liking someone can be one of the most nerve-racking experiences, especially if you’re shy or lacking self esteem. You want nothing more than to communicate your interest to the other person, but have absolutely no idea how to get the ball rolling. If you think you’re alone with this problem, think again.

In this article, you’ll learn effective ways to start a conversation with that special someone. These techniques don’t require you to lay on the flattery too thickly, and best of all, they allow you to simply be yourself. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll have the confidence and assuredness to take that much-needed step towards communication, and hopefully, snag a phone number!

Feel Good About Yourself

No communication (romantic or otherwise) can be effective if you’re not completely sure of yourself. How we look directly affects how we feel inside. Take the time to look your best. Put on your snazziest suit, style your hair, and splash on a little fragrance.

Feeling good about yourself goes beyond outside appearances, however. What you think about your life, talents, goals, and personality can be very powerful! Take a deep look inside, and determine what accomplishments you’re proud of. What do your friends say they like about you? Identifying your strong points before talking to that special someone can make for a more effective conversation.


Never approach someone new with a somber look on your face. Why would they be welcoming to a sourpuss anyways? Before you even open your mouth, look them directly in the eye, and flash you pearly whites. People respond directly to whatever energy you emit, so make sure it’s a positive one.


Now that you’ve got that smile down, tag on a greeting to go with it. After all, what conversation is ever started without one? You’ll most likely get a kind response in return, and if not, then move on to someone else.

Ask For an Opinion

One of the most effective means of conversing with a complete stranger is to ask for an opinion, especially if you’re a man approaching a woman. Females constantly have their guard up in social situations, and by getting her thoughts on a random topic, you’re showing her that you have intentions other than hooking up. Find out of they know of a good restaurant in town, or be silly, and ask what they think of your friend’s ugly shirt. From there, the dialogue should flow naturally.
Use Your Surroundings

Once you two begin talking, use the environment around you to create conversation. Comment on the crowd, or notice the song playing, and tell an elaborate story about the time you met the artist. By keeping an open eye and ear, you’ll find you have plenty of topics to discuss.

Don’t Forget to Listen

So many people place too much emphasis on talking, and they forget to listen. By not being receptive to what the other person is saying, you’re actually killing your chances for success. The other person wants to be heard, and by showing that you’re not receiving their end of the conversation, you stand a good chance of ruining an attraction. Effective communication works both ways.

Stay Positive

No one likes negativity, so keep your tone and topics upbeat. It’s upsetting to have had a bad day at work, but to be honest, no one wants to hear about it. On that same note, don’t fill your conversation with cheap shots at other people. As you just learned, people respond directly to the energy that you emit, and if you’re energy is dark, you’re only repelling those around you.

Watch What You Say

Don’t talk solely about how attractive the other person is, and under no circumstances discuss sex. This rule is especially true when it comes to a man talking to a woman. If you’re meeting the person for the first time, you don’t know anything about them or their preferences. Several subjects (from religion to politics, and then some) are considered taboo by many people, so stick to what’s safe for the time being.

Final Words of Advice

Now that you know how to start a conversation, you’ve got a solid foundation to express your interest in the other person. Casually suggest a good restaurant or local hang out, and ask if he or she would like to join you sometime. Get those digits, and continue where you left off!


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