The Best Pick-Up Lines
Learn the best pick-up lines to maximise your chances in the dating scene.


By Rick Freedom

We all know the importance of making a good first impression. This is why, when we approach an attractive woman, we want the first words to come out of mouths to be witty, imaginative and appealing.

When simply saying “hello” won't do, pick-up lines can seem like the perfect solution - but with so many lines to choose from, how do you know which one to use?

What Not to Say

Women have a tendency to criticize pick-up lines. They describe them as demeaning, impersonal or unimaginative - and a lot of the time they're right. If you want to grab a girl's attention you need to know what to avoid.

Even if all you're after is a one night stand, don't say anything sexual. Compliments are always more effective than crudeness so stick to less smutty forms of flattery.

Steer clear of the corny jokes. If it's obvious you found and prepared a line in advance you will look like a player. Women don't want to believe that you're on the prowl for the sex; they want to believe that only they could have caught your eye. Opt for a line which appears to be spontaneous.

And finally, bear in mind that most women have at some point been asked if heaven is missing an angel or told their dress would look good on the floor. The clichés just don't work anymore - it's time for a fresher approach.

Modern Humor

Traditional lines have lost their impact. Women are no longer surprised or impressed by them, so shake things up by getting straight to the point. You know she knows what you're trying to do, so turn it into the joke.

These lines work wonderfully:

“Excuse me - could you spare a moment to be hit on?”

“This is my friend Mike; could you spend a few moments getting to know him so that he can introduce us?”

“I'd like to chat you up but I'm scared you're going to slap me.”

Making a Cliché Work

Every so often you'll come across a one liner so funny you just have to share it. Go ahead. Ask her if she wants a hot dog to go with her buns. But follow it up with a huge smile, an embarrassed laugh and the statement, “I'm sorry - that was awful. I just wanted an excuse to talk to you.” She will be so flattered she will forgive you the terrible joke.

An Easy Conversation Starter

The trouble with many pick-up lines is that once they have been said you don't know how to follow them. This is your chance to get to know that woman, but you cannot think of anything interesting or amusing to say.

Next time you're lost for words, frown thoughtfully then ask, “Don't I know you from somewhere?” She may say no, but if you insist that you recognise her you will soon find yourself deep in conversation about your favorite bars, your work and wherever else you each spend your time.

Charm is Everything

While a great line can give you the confidence to approach somebody, what you choose to say is not what's most important. Even the worst joke can be rescued if you deliver it with charm.

Opting for a relaxed, flattering or imaginative approach will certainly make things easier for you, but whatever you do decide to say, say your line with a smile.


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