The Keys to Physical Attractiveness
Most people always judge a book by its cover, so what can we do to be physically attractive?


By Rick Freedom

While personality certainly reigns over looks when it comes to attracting a mate, there is much to be said for appearances. How you look on the outside reflect how you feel on the inside, and it’s always the first impression people get about you. While you don’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous to attract others, you do have to show that you like to take care of yourself.

Everyone is expected to maintain a certain level of personal hygiene. If you dress in rags and reek of body odor, no man or woman is going to want to get near you, let alone snuggle with you. But more important than snagging a mate is the dose of self confidence looking good provides. When your hair is combed and your shoes are shined, you walk differently, and it shows.

In this article, we’re going to cover the basics of outward appearance. Everything from grooming to working out will be touched upon to make sure you put your best foot forward in the dating world, as well as everyday life. These are all simple steps that you can begin implementing as soon as you finish reading, so let’s get started!


It is the largest organ on the human body, and it’s also the foundation for attractiveness. When you skin is healthy and clean, every other effort put towards your appearance is amplified. Skin care isn’t only for girls, however; men everywhere are taking to proper skin cleansing and moisturizing by following these steps:

1. Know your skin type: Faces break down into four basic types: oily (shiny all over); dry (little to no shine whatsoever); normal (just the right balance between moisture and dryness); and combination (oily on the nose and forehead, and dry everywhere else). Determine your skin type to choose the perfect product for your needs.

2. Clean your face: Throw out that bar of soap, as the facial skin is delicate and requires special treatment. Based on your skin type, pick a product that tailors to your particular skin type’s needs, and wash in the morning and at night. Also, steer away from cleaning too much, as you’ll run the risk of over-drying your face, which (believe it or not) can cause breakouts.

3. Use a toner: Toner is a liquid you rub on your face after cleansing it that firms up pores, making them appear smaller. Some toners are even designed to fight acne, so look for products like this if you’re on the pimply side.

4. Don’t forget to moisturize: Lotion is not only for girls. By moisturizing after cleansing and toning, you’ll maintain a fresh and healthy look. Just make sure to search for products that cater to your specific skin type.

5. Shave (carefully, that is): To avoid cuts or rashes, don’t rush the shaving process. Purchase a good shaving cream or gel to provide you with a smooth shave, and always be sure to splash on some aftershave to keep the skin soft. Aftershave also helps in preventing and healing rashes.


Regardless of whether the date is formal or casual, make sure your shirt is not baggy. Ideally, the shirt will hug your frame, but not be too tight. So many people who are self-conscious about their bodies try to hide underneath thick fabric. Contrary to what you may think, wearing clothes that actually fit your shape (rather than hide it) actually makes you look thinner. It’s an optical illusion.

Another optical illusion involves stripes. Horizontal stripes add bulk to the body, whereas vertical stripes make the body look leaner. Therefore, if you’re tall and thin, stick with the tight-fit shirt with horizontal stripes to add some bulk to your frame. Steer away from horizontal stripes if you’re shorter or heftier in appearance. Instead, opt for more narrow clothes that pull your body inward.

Every guy should also have a suit for those special occasions. When wearing a suit, have a plain cotton shirt, cuff links, a dark jacket and pants, and black leather, shined shoes. Wear a nice silk tie in any design. You’d be amazed at how a good suit can up the ego (and the compliments!)

Work Out

Besides looking leaner, working out has many other benefits. It not only increases your confidence level, but being in shape also impacts our sex lives. Regular physical activity increases our immunity to diseases, and it gives us that extra boost of energy to make it through the day.

The following are strength-training exercises that work multiple muscles at once, and they are essential to any fitness regime. These exercises are good for both men and women, as they aim to tone the muscles instead of building bulk. Make sure to start at a level of intensity that you’re comfortable with, and work your way up as you become stronger. Most beginners start with three-pound weights.

Weekly Strength-Training Plan

1. 10 minutes of stretching.
2. Three sets of squats: 20 repetitions, 15 repetitions, and 12 repetitions.
3. Three sets of leg lifts: 20 repetitions, 15 repetitions, and 12 repetitions.
4. Two sets of calf raises: 20 repetitions, 15 repetitions, and 12 repetitions.
5. Two sets of arm curls: 12 repetitions, and 10 repetitions.
6. 10 minutes of stretching.

Rest, or perform some cardiovascular exercise.

1. 10 minutes of stretching.
2. Two set of weighted, forward-leaning dips: 12 repetitions, and 10 repetitions.
3. Two sets of incline dumbbell presses: 12 repetitions, and 10 repetitions.
4. Two sets of lateral raises: 12 repetitions, and 10 repetitions.
5. Two sets of overhead dumbbell presses: 12 repetitions, and 10 repetitions.
6. Two sets of weighted sit-ups: 12 repetitions, and 15 repetitions.
7. 10 minutes of stretching.

Rest, or do some cardiovascular exercise.

1. 10 minutes of stretching.
2. Three sets of dead lifts: 12 repetitions, 10 repetitions, and 8 repetitions.
3. Two sets of weighted chin-ups: 12 repetitions, and 10 repetitions.
4. Two sets of weighted pull-ups: 12 repetitions, and 10 repetitions.
5. Two sets of dumbbell rows: 12 repetitions, and 10 repetitions.
6. Two sets of bent-over lateral raises: 12 repetitions, and 10 repetitions.
7. 10 minutes of stretching.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Studies have also shown that people who perform cardio on a regular basis tend to live longer than those who live idly. Whether or not you need to lose fat, the benefits of cardiovascular exercise are multiple. It burns calories, keeps your circulatory and respiratory systems in check, and tones the body all over.

If you’re just starting out, cardio can be quite the challenge, so set reachable milestones, and stick to them. For example, promise yourself that you’re going to take a 30-minute walk at least three days a week. Gradually, you will become stronger, so increase the amount of days you walk, or even add a little jogging into the mix.

Cardiovascular exercise can be found all over the place. Anything from a walk in the park to touch football qualifies, so get out there and have some fun! The key to sticking with an exercise program is to keep things interesting and exciting.


No exercise program would be complete with a healthy, balanced diet. Eat healthier calories, as the body can break these down faster. “Healthy calories” are anything low in saturated fats and oils, and you can usually recognize them by just looking at them. If faced with a greasy cheeseburger versus a grilled-chicken salad, go with the salad. Limit the amount of junk food you eat, but don’t completely forbid yourself from eating it either. Studies have shown that completely depriving yourself from a craving often ends in binge eating.

Finally, one very important tip to losing weight is to watch what you drink! So many times when dieting, people only focus on the food they put in their mouths, all the while throwing back sodas, juices, and Starbuck’s. These drinks are loaded with empty calories. Instead, drink nothing but water, throwing in a little lemon or flavoring packet if the taste is too dull for you. Also try to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume.

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