What Do Women Really Want From Men?
Find out what women really want from men & unlock the keys to dating success


By Rick Freedom

Ask any woman what she looks for in a guy, and you will get something to the tune of this: “He has to be hard-working and sweet, with a good sense of humor.” And while this sounds nice, the truth is that even she cannot pinpoint what she finds attractive in the opposite sex, which begs to ask…what do women really want?

To begin answering this age-old question, we first have to look at our history as a species. During prehistoric times, the men were the leaders. Everything that was needed for survival depended on the males: food, protection, and rules for living. Even in today’s society of equal rights, women still feel that instinctual need to be protected by the men in their lives. In short, women want an alpha male.

But what exactly is an alpha male? In the animal kingdom, the alpha male is considered the leader of the pack, and all the other members act as his subordinates. This certainly doesn’t mean that a woman wants to be demeaned by her partner, as abusive behavior generally makes for a very unhealthy relationship (not to mention criminal charges.) But there are certain alpha qualities that women find irresistible which we will cover in this article.

Alpha Males are Confident
You’ve heard it said that there is nothing sexier than confidence, and this couldn’t be truer. So many guys think they have to have good looks or a nice set of wheels in order to attract the opposite sex, when in reality, all they really need is a healthy dose of self esteem. Of course, this doesn’t mean personal hygiene lacks importance, but it is the non-verbal cues a man sends to a woman that appeals most to her. An alpha male goes after what he wants, stands up for himself, and does not seek the approval of others. By remaining secure in his own skin, he magnetically attracts others to him.

Alpha Males are Territorial
Alpha males are protective of anything or anyone important to them. If someone is invading their space, they have the confidence to address the issue, and this is no less true when it comes to their women. While most females will tell you they don’t like feeling “owned” by anyone, they do appreciate feeling important to the men in their lives. A strong and confident alpha male will see to it that nothing holds claim to what is his.

Alpha Males are in Charge
It’s true - nice guys really do finish last. This is not to say that an alpha male treats others badly, but he does not go out of his way to please either. This fact also applies to the women in their lives. An alpha male takes the lead when deciding where to go for dinner, and gifts such as flowers and jewelry are considered “rewards” for good behavior by their women. By selectively choosing when to shower a woman with his affection, the alpha male displays his superior status…and she loves him even more for it.

What Alpha Males Aren’t
You’ve just learned the three basic traits of an alpha male. Incorporate these characteristics into your behavior, and you will be well on your way to becoming the man that every woman really wants. However, as with anything, moderation is the key. The following are tips for how to effectively portray your alpha-male status without going overboard.

Be Confident, Not Cocky
While it’s true that an alpha male displays confidence, he is never arrogant about it. Think about the most bigheaded person you’ve ever met. What was your impression of them? Bragging about your assets makes you appear needy for the approval of others, whereas true confidence is solid in and of itself. A genuine alpha male does not need others to tell him he is worthwhile; he knows that he is. In order to appear superior, allow your accomplishments to speak for themselves.

Be Territorial, Not Possessive
We all know “that guy.” He’s the one who has to know the name of every person his girlfriend speaks to on the phone. If he catches her talking to another guy, he loses his mind. These are the behaviors of someone who feels inferior in the eyes of his mate and everyone else around him. In contrast, an alpha male is self-assured enough to know that what is his will remain so, and while he appreciates the companionship of a woman, he certainly doesn’t need it. He only responds to serious threats on his territory, and he does so in a calm and collected manner.

Be in Charge, Not a Jerk
There is a fine line between selectively choosing when to be affectionate, and being downright disrespectful of another person. The men who verbally and physically assault their women are not alpha males. In actuality, they feel a deep-rooted sense of inferiority, and are willing to beat anyone down in order to lift themselves up. The key to being in charge of your relationship is in moderation. Women love a challenge, so any situation where they have to earn your affection will keep them interested, but nobody is going to settle for being disrespected.

What do women really want? They want confidence. They want to feel important and protected by their man. They want a partner who is in charge. In short, they want a man. All of this may sound contradictory to what you’ve been taught about relationships, but give it a try and see for yourself. You might be surprised.


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